Would There Be Revival

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From the Desk of Pastor David

We cannot solve a problem by saying, It’s not my problem. We cannot solve a problem by hoping that someone else will solve it for us. I can solve a problem only when I say, This is my problem and it’s up to me to solve it. – M. Scott Peck

Whenever something needs to be fixed, or whenever the time comes to move forward, someone must take the reins of responsibility and say, We can do this. We cannot solve anything by pretending it is not there or hoping someone else will solve it so we do not have to confront it ourselves.

It is time for revival in America! It is time for us to confront this problem and do something about it. Every single Christian has been called to and equipped for the Great Commission. We can do this. We will have revival and complete the ministry the Lord Jesus has given us to do.

However, setting others on fire for God first begins with getting yourself burning hot for God. Consider the following question: If everyone in the United States was on my level of spirituality, would there be a revival in the land? Now, we are all growing. Everyone is at different levels of spirituality. So, that question, in the way it is worded, may not be the best gauge of potential revival. A better worded question would be, If everyone in the United States had the same degree of hunger and desire for the things of God as I do, would there be revival in the land?

Matthew 5:6

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. (THE MESSAGE)

How hungry for God are you? Are you working up a good appetite for God and the things of God? Christianity is not about just being nice to people and doing good things. Buddhists do good things. Even an atheist can do something nice for someone else. Jesus told us what being a Christian and having eternal life is about: Christianity is knowing God. And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ … (John 17:3) The result of knowing God will be kindness and compassion expressed through spiritual manifestations as well as good deeds. You will be so full of God that you will share this wonderful life of truly knowing Him. That’s what Psalms 23 means when it says your cup runs over!

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. Colossians 3:2

John Mason:    “There are people whose lives are waiting to be affected by what God has placed within you.

God has deposited things in your life: His calling, gift and anointing in and upon your life. However, you will determine the amount of interest His deposits earn in your life. The more attention you give to something, the more it grows. Hunger and thirst after God. Make God and His plan for your life the first priority of your life. That is the beginning of revival – and it starts with you being hungry!

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