This message is from a parent:

Can I just take a moment to thank God for teachers who love their students and for a school that really cares about their children?

I went to pick up David’s school work this morning for the next few weeks and talked to his teacher, she gave me his report card for the 3rd quarter and I am amazed at how much David has blossomed in her class… He has all A’s & B’s, rocking a 4.00 GPA.

2nd grade at LES was a nightmare because David would ALWAYS question his teacher (will not name any names) because this teacher didn’t believe in God and would get mad at David when he would tell him to check his Bible because he was wrong. I get being respectful to teachers, I get teachers not wanting or liked to be questioned….but this teacher every parent conference made it seem like David was stupid and he would need to be held back if he didn’t step up…. ( He had amazing teachers K-1st who knew how to push him the right way…) this teacher just didn’t like David to question him and turned it into a personal thing…

David is gifted (not my words… tests and teachers have said it…) But when it comes to doing mundane things he hates worksheets, he wants to create, he wants to use his mind…

Today I’m thankful for Lighthouse Christian Academy, and Mrs. Terri, (Kristie Campbell Hillwig) without you helping us get him in, I would have given up thinking he couldn’t get in… and for helping him along the way as well! and Mrs. Michelle and Mrs. Connie for being awesome!!

  • Shared with consent from Nikki Richter