We are adjusting to our new normal. School will open August 10. We will be checking temperatures at the door. We ask parents to stay in their cars to minimize physical contact with others. There will be hand sanitizer available at each door and in each classroom. Students will be washing hands throughout the day. Lunches may start out in individual classrooms. PE/Enrichment will be with a limited number of students. Physical contact will be a minimum.
Hand washing/sanitizing will happen between each change in location as well as throughout the day.
Teachers will be responsible for wiping down surfaces that are commonly used within the classrooms several times each day with CDC cleaning products. Pick up will remain the same except that each class will be socially distancing from the others.

If you have additional questions or concerns please free to address then to me. Office hours are from M-Th 9-12. I am available on my cell after the normal office hours @ (386) 365-2975.

Scientific Research on the correlation of infection and school age students. See links below.



Many studies give evidence that returning to school is low risk. That being said this is a family decision. Please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss.

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